The close collaboration between Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Vietnam Electricity (EVN) since November 2016 has enabled Spring season 2017 rice practice in the Red River delta to receive enough water for land preparation. Three water discharges have been set up on 10 Jan., 23 Jan. and 6 Feb. 2017, allowing farmers to start the season right on time. Beside the warm weather, the "Spring Embarkment" moment in lunar calendar falls after new lunar year, corresponding to mid-February 2017, are reasons for the Red River's farmers start their transplantation after a joyful new year celebration.

 RIICE technical team has set up field surveys in accordance with crop calendar by MARD and in consideration with water discharge periods for rice monitoring across the delta.

Fig. 1. Water discharge and RIICE survey dates
Field observations by RIICE technical team during surveys on 10 Mar., 27 Mar., 17 Apr. and 8 May 2017 have recorded cultivation progress by farmers that highly matches the MARD's crop calendar fixture. Up to mid-May 2015, a major area in the delta is after flowering stage, falling in to milking and maturity phases. The end of May and two first weeks of June 2017 will observe massive harvest all over the delta.

Fig. 2. A rice monitoring point in West Hanoi

Fig. 3. A rice monitoring point in Hai Phong province
Rice extent mapping, start of season date detection and yield forecast works have been conducted by RIICE team from NIAPP, in collaboration with IRRI, Sarmap and CTU to produce a set of geographical layers and statistical summarized tables. More details and information about Spring 2017 in the Red River delta can be accessed from the Rice Monitoring Bulletin No. 11.

Fig. 4. Rice extent map of the RRD, Spring 2017

Fig. 5. Start of Season dates for Spring 2017 in the Red River delta

Information reported in this bulletin has been generated using MAPscape-RICE, Oryza and data acquired by Sentinel-1A/1B (owned by EU and developed & operated by ESA). Background map ©OpenStreetMap contributors.

The end-season bulletin for rice monitoring in the Mekong delta can be accessed via following links:

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