Intensive field observation by CTU team from 30 Dec. 2016 to 30 Apr. 2017 shows the progress of Summer season land preparation in Dong Thap, while in An Giang most of the rice field are in tillering stage. Up to mid-February 2017, all rice fields in Dong Thap had been transplanted.

Fig. 1. Winter-Spring 2017 rice cultivation in An Giang

Fig. 2. Winter-Spring 2017 rice cultivation in Dong Thap

The start of season in Dong Thap is closely following seasonal plan by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development while in An Giang, it has been later about one month. The major transplanting date in Dong Thap falls around October 2016, followed by An Giang one month later. Detailed mapping of start of season dates in these two provinces are made by RIICE using time-series data analysis with Sentinel-1A/B satellite imagery as below.
Fig. 3. Start of Season dates in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces
The mapping of rice extent for Winter-Spring 2017 is also implemented by RIICE which shows 128.400 ha for Dong Thap and 227.460 ha for An Giang. Results from yield estimation model for province, district and commune levels estimatedly forecasted 1.700.000 tons of rice for total product in the two provinces. Though aggregated yield in Dong Thap is about 9% less than last Winter-Spring season, there's a rise of 6% in An Giang eventually.
Fig. 4. Rice extent for Winter-Spring 2017 in An Giang and Dong Thap

Information reported in this bulletin has been generated using MAPscape-RICE, Oryza and data acquired by Sentinel-1A/1B (owned by EU and developed & operated by ESA). Background map ©OpenStreetMap contributors.

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