A part of the Red River delta starts its Winter season with winter crops while the rest are leaving rice parcels uncultivated, waiting for Spring season next year.

Fig. 1. Winter crops in the Red River delta
Green: Summer rice
Purple: Winter crops
Source: RIICE Project

It has been observed by RIICE monitoring team during the field trip from 26-28 December 2016 that winter crops such as corn, vegetable, legumes and potatoes are major crops for winter season. Rice is not cultivated in this season.

Fig. 2. A field of peanut in Bac Ninh province

Fig. 3. Corn field in Hung Yen province

The uncultivated area of the delta is "waiting for the Spring season", said Mr. Long, a farmer met during the survey. As cultivation practices over generations, fields are ploughed and sun-dried for nutrition improvement and pest control, added Mr. Long.

Fig. 4. Land preparation 2 months before the next season

It is expected by the farmers in the delta that the Spring season will be started after the new lunar year, around February 2017. As the weather seems quite favourable this year, farmers are looking for a good season start in warm condition, leading to another successful harvest by the end.

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