RIICE - March 2017. Hanoi 1st March 2017, RIICE Technical Workshop, hosted by the National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection (NIAPP) has successfully delivered an important message "The remote sensing-based information system managed by RIICE is capable of providing reliable rice crop information to agricultural managing bodies and crop insurance organizations in Vietnam". In a broader theme, rice crop practices can be monitored by remote sensing tools, which generate rice map, as well as provide early forecast of yield and production at high temporal frequency.

Attending the workshop are representatives from General Statistics Office (GSO), Bao Viet Insurance, General Department of State Reserves (GDSR), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Bao Viet Tokio Marine and Institute of Agricultural Environment.

Mr. Do Minh Phuong, project's technical leader from NIAPP gives an overview of remote sensing applications to crop monitoring, followed by routine works implemented by NIAPP over the first year of RIICE project in Vietnam. With supports from International Rice Research Institute and Sarmap, NIAPP is able to monitor rice production in 8 provinces of the Red River delta and two other in the Mekong River delta (An Giang and Dong Thap provinces). Significant achievements are highlighted, including rice extent mapping and early yield forecast for the monitoring region at commune level. Through the results of 12-month continuously monitoring by remote sensing data and tools, NIAPP and other partners have proved the high accuracy of information to be ready for crop insurance and agricultural crop management.

Participants have shown interests and intentions in taking project's outputs into decision-making process as mandate. A couple of opinions have emphasized on broader applications of rice monitoring information to national food reservation strategy planning, damage assessment, agricultural statistics works and climate change resilience.

RIICE project outputs are produced through collaborative work between the Vietnamese RIICE team, Sarmap, International Rice Research Institute, and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The Vietnamese RIICE team consists of the National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection and Can Tho University.