Two rice crops, Autumn-Winter and Winter-Spring, on-going simultaneously in An Giang and Dong Thap have been observed through the monitoring with time-series satellite images from April 2016 to the present time.  It is shown that the period from the second quarter is the time for intensive rice cultivation in the Mekong delta. The Summer-Autumn, Autumn-Winter and Winter-Spring crops are continuously practiced over an area about 450,000 hectares of the two provinces, bringing 260,000 tonnes of grain per season.

Recurring 12 days, Sentinel-1A (October 2014) and Sentinel-1B (October 2016) satellites, passing through the area of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, allow RIICE to continuously acquire data from outside the earth with a spatial resolution of 20m. From the 3rd week of October 2016, RIICE started receiving another data source - Sentinel-1B, increasing the frequency of data acquisition to 6 days for the Mekong River delta. The satellite images have been processed Sarmap’s MAPScape remote sensing software, enabling RIICE to timely capture the progress of planting and growing in the whole region.

Unlike the Red River delta, favoured by good weather conditions, time of sowing in the Mekong Delta spread almost throughout the year. However, for the Summer-Autumn crop, in the two provinces of An Giang and Dong Thap, a large area of rice is transplanted in the early months of April 2016 to the end of May 2016. The early Summer-Autumn rice area will reap 1-1.5 months earlier than late Summer-Autumn fields. Continue to the Summer-Autumn crop, farmers in two provinces of the Mekong Delta are sowing Autumn-Winter crop. In An Giang, Autumn-Winter season begins in mid-August 2016, 1.5 months later than Dong Thap. Meanwhile, rice crop in Dong Thap is at tillering stage in 2016-2017 Winter-Spring season, of the other part, a large area of An Giang in maturity condition, heading towards Autumn-Winter 2016 harvest.
Up to this moment, An Giang has fulfilled 60% of total rice area harvested for Autumn-Winter season. Meanwhile, Dong Thap’s 55% rice fields are in end-tillering stage. RIICE keeps on acquiring Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B satellite imagery for Winter-Spring monitoring. Reports on rice cultivation in An Giang and Dong Thap in Winter-Spring season will be released in the next Bulletins.

Information reported in this bulletin has been generated using MAPscape-RICE, Oryza and data acquired by Sentinel-1A/1B (owned by EU and developed & operated by ESA). Background map ©OpenStreetMap contributors.

The end-season bulletin for rice monitoring in the Mekong delta can be accessed via following links:

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