The summer season in the Red River Delta has successfully gone by thanks to great efforts of hard working farmers and local authorities.

Copping with unpredictable stormy season, farmers in the Red River delta provinces have quickly mobilized resources to finish the season 2016 harvest, minimizing damage and losses caused by rain and whirlwinds to agricultural product, and ensuring post-harvest quality. The summer season of 2016 in the Red River Delta is to evaluated successful,  despite the reduction of 70,000 tonnes in comparison with last year's summer season (MARD, 2016).

Crop growth status and flooding affected by rainstorms were recorded from Sentinel-1A satellite radar with a frequency of 12 days. During a crop season, there are 12-14 satellite images being used, enabling RIICE to monitor sowing date in different areas of the Red River delta, while observing water levels flooded whenever there is a storm passes through. These surveillance data, combined with field information allow RIICE to make accurate judgments and timely seasonal movements and the ability to estimate losses caused by natural disasters.
The summer 2016 season, rice extent in 8 provinces of the Red River delta reached 445,000 hectares. This result was made on 09.18.2016, about two weeks before the harvest time. Compared with mainstream statistical data collected after the season end, RIICE can issue data on the cultivated area as well as sowing date mapping of 1.5 months earlier. These results allow management agencies to propose appropriate managerial plan, at the same time, in terms of food security, rice procurement plans can be early implemented.

The end-season bulletin for rice monitoring in the Red River delta can be accessed via following links:

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