While most of the rice planting area in An Giang is at tillering stage, fields in Dong Thap have entered maturity stage, looking forwards to Autum-Winter season harvesting. Before that, a part of rice extent earlier transplanted in Dong Thap was harvested, regardless to the severe drought and salinity intrusion by the end of March 2016.

Rice extent by date derived from satellite data
Source: RIICE Project

Two seasons are ovelaping in the same region: Summer-Autumn and Autum-Winter. When the Autumn-Winter season has started, the Summer-Autumn crop is milking. Field survey data by RIICE project on 3 July, 27 July, 8 August, 20 August, 1 September, 13 September and 25 September 2016, with reference to rice production progress reports from An Giang and Dong Thap’s DARDs have matched exactly the rice cultivation situation during the second six-month period in the region captured from the space.

Using time-series analyzing technique for an array of satellite imagery from 10 April to 1 September 2016, RIICE project has successfully generated Start of Season (SoS) map for rice cultivation for An Giang and Dong Thap provinces.
Start of Season map analyzed from satellite imagery
Source: RIICE Project
Rice extent mapping and early yield forecasting works by RIICE project have also been successfully implemented which provide an estimation of total transplanting rice area as well as yield and product summary at the commune level.
Rice extent map of the Autumn-Winter season in An Giang and Dong Thap
Source: RIICE Project
Further details on rice production, summary of rice area, yield forecast and product estimation for Autumn-Winter season can be found in the project's bulletin number 5, referered to following links: