Tropical Storm Mirinae passed through the Red River Delta, Vietnam from 27 July 2016, 18UTC to July 28, 2016, 09UTC. This bulletin provides a report on the flood extent information associated with this tropical storm event particularly in relation to the rice monitoring area within the RIICE project in the Red River Delta, Vietnam.

 Tropical storm track and monitored flooded area as per Aug 1, 2016 (4 days after the storm passed the area) in Red River Delta, Vietnam during 2016 Summer season

Flood area detection using radar remote sensing data (Sentinel-1A) and thorough field surveys (1 Aug. and 15 Aug. 2016) for over 250 sites by RIICE project have depicted impacts of the tropical storm Mirinae with high accuracy.

Details of the analyses can be found in RIICE's bulletins via following links:

English version              
Vietnamese version

In this framework, RIICE continues improving knowledge base and technical procedures using Sentinel-1A SAR imagery for damage assessment, making itself an efficient tool for crop insurance.

Some time-series scenes captured during RIICE's field works