A harvested rice field in Dong Thap
province, 29 Jan 2016
RIICE-June 2016. A RIICE's meeting was held in GIZ office, Landmark Building, Hochiminh city on 7 June 2016 for workpackage coordination agreements. Participants to the meeting were representatives of Sarmap, IRRI, NIAPP, CTU, GIZ and SDC.

The meeting's objectives were to set up action plans for the coming season in Red River delta and Mekong River delta; agreements on roles and responsibilities of each partner; and recommendations on unsuccessful works in the past for future improvement.

During the meeting, participants also discussed some technical issues such as quick responds to disasters (flood, drought) in the two river deltas, project's bulletin publication, statistical data collection, and an advanced protocol for future rice monitoring with minimum field works.

Specific discussion among SDC, NIAPP, IRRI and GIZ on preparation of the 2nd Steering Committee meeting to be held in Ha Noi around 21st  Dec, 2016 with participation of representatives from MARD, MOF and Bao Viet.

All partners finalized the discussion with action plans for the next season's monitoring. More details can be found in following Excel worksheets.