To follow up Phase 1 or RIICE project, in this second phase, RIICE Vietnam focuses on rice monitoring in 10 provinces of Vietnam. The main objective of this phase in Vietnam is intensive image processing and field monitoring of a large area, covering two major rice production regions of the country for output validation and protocol improvement.

Primary data collection work has been conducted in 10 provinces with 20 sampling points for each, locating at large fields, typically cultivated rice. During the field surveys, technicians collect information on local weather, field condition, rice phenological status, LAI measurement and yield information.

Secondary data collection and analysis is based on commune-scaled statistical data which level-ups the detail of information, improving the analyzing outputs.

Sentinel-1A satellite in orbit

Rice monitoring is the major task of the project, taken with cutting-edged technologies with supports of radar satellite image processing, yield modelling and mobile field work data collection. Time-series Sentinel-1A satellite imagery have been acquired and processed to timely provide information at commune level on rice extent, bringing up-to-date rice maps to stakeholders.

The research work has gone so far with significant improvement from Phase 1 which allows accurate forecast of rice yield based on its phenological status. If rice map accuracy can reach to 92%, yield forecast also gains 87% after 2 months from transplanting date. This information is important for managers and decision makers as they need not to wait until the season harvested.

In summary, RIICE Vietnam focuses on following tasks:

Rice domain:
  • Rice mapping at different stages;
  • Early yield forecast;
  • Eary product estimation;
  • Damage assessment.
Geographic domain:
Public domain:

  • RIICE provides timely monitoring information to MARD and DARTs of Vietnam;
  • RIICE opens free access to its database and outputs to public users.