Field protocol development is an important task of RIICE project which serves for data collection and output verification.

RIICE-Jan 2016 - The Field Protocol Workshop conducted by IRRI from 17-20 November 2015 at NIAPP, Hanoi, Vietnam aimed at providing participants tools and techniques on field data collection. Attending the workshop, participants from NIAPP, CTU and IMHEN joined the discussions with specialist group from IRRI on how to maximize the tools and techniques into field data collection.

A field survey during the workshop

In the second phase of RIICE project, all field survey forms will be digitally filled with softwares running on smartphones. The user's smartphone connecting to the Internet by 3G/4G will send the field data to the server, where it can be again downloaded from the user's desktop computers. This enables several groups to work in field simultenously, sending and receiving information from each other. This protocol facilitates users to manage information in a better way compared to traditional methods.

Workshop program
Lecture 1: Pre-season activities
- Location/ monitoring field selection
- Metadata
- Discussion
Lecture 2: In-season activities
- Metadata (Tillering and Production)
- Monitoring
- Rice and non-rice validation
- Damage Assessment
Lecture 3: Encoding and sharing data
Lecture 4: Uploading and harvesting data from ODK Aggregate
Lecture 5: Google fusion table: an alternative to data viewing and harvesting
Lecture 6: Smartphone as field data equipment

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